The American Collectors of Infant Feeders

The American Collectors of Infant Feeders is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to gather and publish information pertaining to the feeding of infants throughout history. The collecting of infant feeders and related items is promoted.

Dear Collector,

The American Collectors of Infant Feeders was founded in 1973 by several people interested in the history and collecting of infant feeders


 The organization has grown steadily and now has over 215 members. Many members collect go-withs (related items such as doll bottles, invalid feeders, sterilizers, trading cards, pictures and advertisements).

The group meets annually, usually on the last full weekend in July, at a location of mutual interest. Members bring many unusual items, including art work to meetings to display and discuss and others to sell. There is always much lively discussion of recent finds, current sources and prices of collectibles and the history of many old feeders.

The newsletter "Keeping Abreast", is published four times a year and is mailed to all members of good standing. It is compiled from material contributed by members and its continued high quality depends upon the interest and efforts of those who receive it.

We always welcome new members. If you wish to join send the $40.00 yearly dues in U.S. funds to the  treasurer. You will then receive all four copies of the newsletter for the year covered by your dues (July 01 - June 30), a copy of the by-laws and the privilege of participating in the annual convention and sale.

We hope that this has aroused your interest and that you will join our organization. If so, we welcome you and look forward to meeting you at our next convention in Detroit, MI in July 2018 hosted by Sandy Johnson and Dick Eaton.

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